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Learn Italian Audio Cd

This 4-part audio cd set is perfect for learning how to speak italian in your car! You can hear examples of how to say "no" and "yes" in order to understand how it works in italian. Additionally, there is a phrasebook to help you understand italian language usage.

Learn To Speak Italian Audio Cd

How to speak italian in a minute: 1. Reetings, how can I help you? 2. My name is _, can I help you in some way? 3. How do you do? 4. I'm here to visit my sister, can I ask what her problem is? 5. Is there anything I can help you with? 6. We'll be right down here when we have what you're looking for.

Learning Italian Audio Cd

This 8-track audio cd set is perfect for learning italian language and culture. It includes mp3s and m4b's of various effects and sounds to help you sound better and better in your speeches. The set also includes questions for native speakers to ask you in a debate or conversation. learn italian language with these instant immersion learn to speak italian language 4 audio cds and phrasebook. You'll learn sound effects, grammar, and how to say "i" and "you" in italian. This software is perfect for italians who want to learn the language more quickly! learn italian words and phrases with collins' easy learning italian cd! This cd is the second in a series of italian audio cds that collins' authors, collins and loader, have created to help beginner italian speakers! The cd contains three lessons-Beginner, medium, and advanced-That are tailored to help you learn italian in a way that is comfortable and effective. The opening lesson features collins and loader's easy-to-follow easy-to-read guidebook to italian language terms, once you know the basics-Name, title, and description. The second lesson looks at the different types of italian words and their meaning, while the third lessons helps you learn how to use common italian words and phrases, and how to say the "big questions" that arise in life. this collins and loader audio cd is perfect for anyone who wants to learn italian, regardless of language level or background! The lessons aren't long, are easy to listen to, and are, of course, easy to learn! This 8-cd set provides the perfect way to start learning italian as an audio language. With examples and exercises, it provides the learner with the resources they need to learn italian successfully.